What We Do

The Drug Pricing Lab is a non-profit, non-partisan, and independent research group focusing on the development of rational approaches to drug pricing and health insurance coverage that sustain innovation while ensuring patient access and affordability.

Our Workstreams

We operate through four functional workstreams.


Research on the current state of US drug pricing and its effects

We compile comprehensive information on drug pricing and its effects on various markets and groups, with a focus on specialty branded pharmaceuticals and federal health policy. Our research is synthesized in data-driven and user-friendly visualizations, editorials, and original research publications.


Develop solutions to align drug prices with value

Our evidence-driven research results are used to create actionable policy proposals and industry solutions aimed to mitigate unfounded rising prices, and instead, align them with the clinical value they provide for patients.


Pilot programs to test solutions in real world settings

In addition to our research and proposed solutions, we team up with policymakers and industry leaders to pilot these programs in real world settings.


Serve as evidence-based and unbiased resources for policymakers

Our team serves as an unbiased resource for policymakers. Our unique philanthropic funding allows us to derive evidence-based solutions with no hidden agenda.

Changing the Drug Pricing Game

In November 2017, Dr. Bach gave a TEDMED Talk at their annual event in Palm Springs, CA. Dr. Bach explained in human terms the consequences of and proposed solutions to rising prescription drug costs. His talk was part of larger series focusing on where the gaps of knowledge are in our current health system.