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Drug Abacus

The Drug Abacus provides a different way of thinking about how to price drugs. This interactive tool takes 52 cancer drugs and lets you compare the company's price to one based on what you value.

What do you value in a drug?

Modify domains that contribute to the price of a drug, such as toxicity and population burden. Use the sliders under Modifiable Price Content to prioritize different domains, or click a preset to explore the Abacus through the lens of public health, scientific novelty, or individual benefit.

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Viewing Default

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Modifiable Price Content

Survival Impact
$12k $300k
0% 30%
Scientific Novelty
1.0 3.0
Cost of Development
1.0 3.0
1.0 3.0
Population Burden
1.0 3.0
Need Unmet
1.0 3.0
1.0 3.0
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