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Drug Pricing Lab 09/01/2021
Senate Moves Forward with $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Bill, Includes Funding Offset from Bach’s Drug Vial Waste Research
The infrastructure bill includes a drug waste provision from the Recovering Excessive Funds for Unused and Needless Drugs (REFUND) Act, which requires manufacturers to rebate the amount wasted back to CMS. An estimated $3 billion over 10 years can be recouped and invested in roads, bridges, and other infrastructure initiatives.
Drug Pricing Lab 04/09/2021
CMS Announces Delay of MCIT Final Rule
CMS delays the effective date of MCIT rule on "breakthrough" designation after concerns raised by physicians, including Peter Bach.
Drug Pricing Lab 03/15/2021
Curbing Biologic Drug Spending with P-quad
Peter Bach and Mark Trusheim's latest drug pricing idea: Have biologic innovators lower prices to "cost" plus a fixed (and generous) profit margin. The result? Huge financial savings for everyone.
Bloomberg Opinion 07/16/2020
Before Spending Billions, U.S. Hospitals Need to Study Remdesivir Further
As COVID-19 continually evolves and new therapies are approved and administered individually and in combination, the best way to apply scientific principle is to continue to test each treatment separately and together, beginning with Remdesivir.
The New Yorker 05/17/2020
COVID-19 Urgency for a Vaccine Demands Patience
The COVID-19 urgency for vaccine development has popularized a false dichotomy that risk taking that involves forgoing traditional regulatory protocol leads to an expedited timeline for developing effective treatments.
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