The Drug Pricing Lab was founded in 2015 in response to the rising costs of specialty drugs. Our work focuses on the development of rational approaches to drug pricing and health insurance coverage that sustain innovation while ensuring patient access and affordability.

We synthesize data-driven insights and research, propose and test evidence-based strategies and policies, and engage with policymakers, journalists, and other change agents to mobilize the development of policies and the implementation of health care strategies that promote a system of rational and value-based approaches.

Our Mission

The Drug Pricing Lab conducts non-partisan, independent academic research. We make this research publicly available and aim to make it accessible and informative to policymakers and lay consumers alike. Our work is funded by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation and Kaiser Permanente.

Our Team

We bring together tremendous experience in medicine, economics, consulting, sociology, and finance.

The Challenge

With new drugs entering the market at record-breaking prices and costly gene and cell therapies in the pipeline, access and affordability are pressing concerns. But the current healthcare system allows for, and even encourages, the rise.

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Drug Pricing Lab 09/01/2021

Senate Moves Forward with $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Bill, Includes Funding Offset from Bach’s Drug Vial Waste Research

The infrastructure bill includes a drug waste provision from the Recovering Excessive Funds for Unused and Needless Drugs (REFUND) Act, which requires manufacturers to rebate the amount wasted back to CMS. An estimated $3 billion over 10 years can be recouped and invested in roads, bridges, and other infrastructure initiatives.
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