Louisiana Budget Allocator

Here are the results of your budget reallocation to fund HCV treatment for the Medicaid and uninsured patients of Louisiana

Budget Reallocated to HCV treatment


of the $3.6 billion available in the discretionary State General Fund would be reallocated to HCV treatment

Receiving HCV Treatment

of 34,597 Medicaid and uninsured patients with HCV infections will receive treatment

One-Year Cost Offset


in cost savings over one year would be achieved through treating these patients

Louisiana Residents Affected

Medicaid Recipients Losing Benefits

Medicaid recipients would lose their benefits as a result of budget cuts

Students Losing Funding

students would lose funding for their educations

Budget Reallocations

Public Health


of the Department of Health's $1.9 billion discretionary budget would be cut

Public Education


of the $1.013 billion discretionary budget for education would be cut



of the $249 million discretionary budget for administering state operations would be cut



of the $270 million discretionary budget for the State's infrastructure would be cut